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A letter from a Martian to humans

A letter from a Martian to humans

Following the ritual of introducing a Martian letter, it reads as follow:

Dear Humans,

We are very astonished and taken aback by all the attempts to join us here and we can see how much it costs you. We are sorry to see that your efforts to get up here are all gone to waste. We are aware of your efforts; however, we are afraid we have the least desire to receive you.

It is not out of inhospitality or lack of accommodation that we hold such attitude towards you. For the record, we have everything we need. Actually, we would rather have you as our neighbours cross the universe and it serves us well. Hearing about your news from afar would spare us the agony of having you around especially since all your news is generally bad. Given the circumstances of your planet earth, we have become afraid of visiting you. We talk about it all the time, day and night, or, rather night and day. We should not have the same time sequence.

Remember that we are badly anguished by your last visit. We started to consider seeking refuge elsewhere in the Galaxy. Somewhere away from your ears and your eyes. You must be wondering, why so!

If we come near your planet Earth, what would we first notice? First of all, once we shift our look towards you: the unbreathable and unfathomable air surrounding your planet shall hinder us from enjoying the immensity of the universe laying before our eyes. Your existence and your projects can intervene with showing the beauty of space. Your beautiful landscapes are ruined by your constant littering all over the place.

Right now, the high speed of extinction, which nature has resisted for millions of years to maintain itself as a precious treasure, obliges us to think before we decide whether you are welcome or not. Coming to our planet Mars shall cost you your pupils! So why losing your eyesight? If you are looking for threads of life on our planet, then you should know that there are plenty of them on yours especially in Africa. You love to call it the cradle of civilizations, don’t you? The people residing in this cradle are fragile and require special care, attention and thoughtfulness.

Thus, joining us here, as you already know, is just a pretext, rather a pure desire to showcase your strength, dominance and wealth at the expense of worsening the living conditions of the entire population. Actually, the largest share of your scientific research is a project in the name of fame and power.

It has always been a historical prelude to the decline of all your ancient civilizations. What addition shall you bring to our world if it would simply cost you your planet Earth? It would cost you your balance.

You would rather claim: « The moon doesn’t care for barking dogs >>. Just the idea of seeing you “land” on our planet is thrilling! You did not stop waging war; particularly the two big wars which resulted in millions of deaths during the last century, according to your calendar. These wars were waged for one reason, that is to conquer lands and wealth. The wars you are currently waging on fossil fuels are subjecting them to exhaustion by your selfishness. Also, you start these wars in the name of defending freedom and liberties or democracy. We would have a great laugh at you, just like the wise men living amongst you do; whose opinion, however, is rarely considered.

Maintain your Cartesian zeal which urges you to war and possessions. Just a reminder, colonial wars towards weak populations is the outcome of this Cartesian approach. Controlling nature is a short term process and, unfortunately, it leads to slavery. On your planet, there are many blatant examples that remind you of this suicidal attitude due to the crisis of your intelligence.

You are unbelievably materialistic to the extent that all your social relationships are based on holdings and belongings. We have been shocked by your greed governing your social classes and leading human bonds that are somehow crumbling.

While on our planet Mars, we disregard parasitic social channels. Thus, each Martian is endowed with strong values of solidarity and respect without having recourse to a given power. There is no further need to a frantic race to accumulate wealth.  In order to have access to our space, one has to show love, friendship and solidarity; and that is not at all a given!

Excess is unwanted. In other words, we need the minimum wealth to ensure individual and collective happiness. Our individuals totally oppose yours who develop exceptional intelligences in order to acquire more money and goods. Not to mention the change that the rhythm of the human life has undergone: humans have become confused beings due to the accelerated and polluting industrialization that disrupts the balance of ecosystems. Besides, humans have an increasing number of social problems that are getting more and more complicated day by day.

Hard sciences- that deal with production and technique- are more favoured and promoted at the expense of human sciences that enrich human and humanist cultures. You want to live as inert with no cultural roots. It is no surprise that you suffer from all this evil, from the inside; your societies are gradually inclined towards barbarism. You are the only species among all the creatures in the universe that organizes collective murder and risks the total eradication of the surface of the universe: due to your so called explosive nuclear “achievement”.

Concerning symbols, a domain in which you excel, you are skillful at communicating about culture and peace. You have even built a statue of liberty, and not far from it, a monument of peace. Peace that could not be spread throughout the world. History proves that neither is freedom  protected nor  can peace be attained due to all the wars being waged,  throughout history, and till today.

At work, everything seems to be linked and interdependent from the simple process of consumption to the ecosystem. Pollution and the deterioration of the living environment and living together are inevitable without urgently altering the economy, culture, the structure of the social bond and the role of media… In short, all your relations with the world and the universe are interdependent.

If we consider the notion of elite, you define it as: “a small group of individuals thought of as superiors; the best in a certain community”. This definition is confused since the filters that allowed to reach this “superior “ stage are rather quantitative. In societies on Earth, these filters are based on quantitative sciences that generally aim to improve rhetoric or the way of thinking. You neglect those filters that promote quality, education and wisdom. Your schools produce generations of people which completely neglect human ties because they are prepared for competition.

Apparently, on your Earth, nothing seems to bring a Kenyan of Massaï origin to a Swedish of Viking origin. But when a Massaï marries a Viking, they give birth to children! This shows that they are from the same source. Both are very close to one another; they are closer to each other than you and us are. Wanting to come and join us, here, makes us fear that we will suffer the same difference and rejection that you force one another to undergo. We will have to welcome you if you come to our conquest at the same pace you invest in the planetary living together: spending the same billions for universal brotherhood. As you would say in your daily life: in spite of your extensive resume (!), your application to join us, has caught our attention, but we do not consider a further cooperation for the time being.

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