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Gravitational waves


On February 11, 2016, Gravitational waves have been detected for the first time, which represents an intriguing breakthrough in physics On February 11, 2016, American scientists have observed for the first time waves arising from the phenomenon that gravity is due to the curvature of space and time. The theory of space-time curvature was proposed in general relativity by Albert ... Lire la suite »

Telecom operators at the service of the 2016 pilgrimage


  Every year, the pilgrimage to the holy places in Saudi Arabia takes place between 8 and 13 of the 12th month of the lunar calendar, around the cities of Mecca and Medina. This year 2016, the pilgrimage will take place between September 09th and 14th. Few days before, millions of Muslims pilgrims, coming from the whole world, converge towards ... Lire la suite »

The Internet of Things


         The Internet of ThingsIn this article, we look closely at the new internet revolution qualified as «Internet of Things ». We will give in this article the results of a survey of 220 students Moroccans on the state of understanding of the Internet of Things with students. It will also address key issues and solutions coexistence between IPv4 and IPv6 ... Lire la suite »

An interview with Mr.Chaesub Lee Director of the Standardization Bureau of ITU’s Telecommunication

11-photo de M.Lee IMG_0109

1-Lte Magazine (Khaouja): Welcome Mr.Chaesub Lee. At Rabat, March 30th, 2016 , during  the preparation of the World Telecommunication Standardization Assembly Meeting , organized by ITU with  ANRT support , you set among their objectives , working on the new  themes like Big data and the internet of Things . Precisely for this purpose how ITU intends to work with ... Lire la suite »

Mobile Payment


Mobile payment, whereby all the payment transactions are carried out from a mobile phone, is more precisely the payment of certain purchases of goods and services or money transfer from our mobile devices. These payments are usually charged to: a bank card, a telecom operator invoice or an electronic wallet. Until recently, our purchases were made by  a credit card, ... Lire la suite »

Interview with M.Fahd Bataynech ICANN representative


Interview with M.Fahd Bataynech ICANN representative Lte Magazine: At the first, we want to know the strengths of ICANN in the governance of the internet web? Fahd Batayneh(ICANN):  ICANN, policies are developed in a bottom-up, consensus-driven, multistakeholder fashion, which ensures that everyone in the global Internet community has a voice in its development. The ICANN community has proven over the ... Lire la suite »

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