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Submarine cables from 1850 to present days


The focus of this article is submarine cables. They were used for the first time in international telegraphy in 1850s. As for the first transatlantic telephone submarine cable, it had operated only 90 years after its set-up. Regarding the first transatlantic telegraphic submarine cable based on optical fiber, it operated for the first time in 1988 between the United States ... Lire la suite »

Interview with Mr. Didier Dillard, General Manager of Marine Orange.


The managing director of Orange Marine, Mr Didier Dillard, a telecom engineer who graduated from Polytechnic, was kind enough to accept an interview with us and answer our questions LTE Magazine: Orange Marine has been one of the main leaders in term of submarine cables installation and maintenance. As the managing director of Orange Marine, can you describe to us ... Lire la suite »

Mr. Peter Schultz, co-inventor of optical fiber, gave an interview to Lte Magazine (Khaouja) on the future of fiber optics (the original interview was conducted in English):

Mr. Peter Schultz and Mr. Khaouja Ahmed at the inauguration of the OFS factory in Tangier on May 9, 2018.

Lte magazine: currently, we transmit one hundred terabits per second over a single strand of optical fiber. Will we one day reach a theoretical limit of optical fiber that we can not exceed? Mr. Peter Schultz: Yes.  There is a fundamental limit of information capacity which is imposed by the frequency or wavelength of the light which carries the optical ... Lire la suite »

Interview with Ms. Pilar Conesa who is a pioneer in the promoting smart cities:


On the sidelines of the presentation by Zenata Development Company (SAZ) of the strategic study of the smart city Zenata in Casa on February 6, 2018, Mr. Khaouja Ahmed conducted this interview with Ms. Pilar Conesa who is a pioneer in the promoting smart cities, is the founder of the company Anteverti and director of the Smart City World in ... Lire la suite »

Orange Group Innovation Labs History: Orange Labs


France Telecom Research and Development department (R&D) became Orange Labs in 2007. However, before 2000, France Telecom R&D was called the National Center for Telecommunications Studies (CNET). The CNET was a major support research center, back then, for the Ministry of Posts, Telegraph and Telephone (PTT) as well as for different engineering schools such as the Paris School of Telecommunications ... Lire la suite »

China, the rising star of global innovation!


I had the pleasure to participate in China in a China-Arab World Innovation and Technology Transfer Forum from September 4 to 20, 2017 with a dozen of my Moroccan colleagues with the help of the Morocco-China association.  This Forum, organized by Chinese authorities and sponsored by some Arab countries, took place in the cities of Yinchuan and Beijing.  During our ... Lire la suite »

The Evolution of telecom networks


The technological evolution towards all IP began in the early 2000s prompted telecom operators to invest first into the architecture called NGN (Next Generation Network), then in an architecture known as IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) from 2007. Alongside the IMS, some telecom operators have adopted as well SDN (Software Defined Network), especially to control the routers in a centralized way ... Lire la suite »

Interview with Mr. A. Grandjean energy and climate change expert, he contributed to the report « Mobilizing finance for the climate » for the President of the French Republic


Khaouja Ahmed: thank you very much Mr. Alain Grandjean for agreeing that we realize this interview with you despite your support plan.  Q1 of LTE magazine: first of all could you Mr. Alain Grandjean, give to the Lte magazine readers a brief description of the situation of the global warming. A situation which has been the subject of a long ... Lire la suite »

Gravitational waves


On February 11, 2016, Gravitational waves have been detected for the first time, which represents an intriguing breakthrough in physics On February 11, 2016, American scientists have observed for the first time waves arising from the phenomenon that gravity is due to the curvature of space and time. The theory of space-time curvature was proposed in general relativity by Albert ... Lire la suite »

Telecom operators at the service of the 2016 pilgrimage


  Every year, the pilgrimage to the holy places in Saudi Arabia takes place between 8 and 13 of the 12th month of the lunar calendar, around the cities of Mecca and Medina. This year 2016, the pilgrimage will take place between September 09th and 14th. Few days before, millions of Muslims pilgrims, coming from the whole world, converge towards ... Lire la suite » 2019 - ISSN : 2458-6293 Powered By NESSMATECH